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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I Like Forums

John Lee Hooker

The saleslady at Paper Plus was all excited for me yesterday because I was able to buy boxes in bulk instead of individually. Economy of scale can save quite a bit. So I've sent the Hendrix commission on its way, and today I'll send the Zeppelin and BB King to Wild About Music and the John Lee Hooker someone bought late Monday with the PayPal Buy Now button in my gallery.

New in the last week or so are some forum threads about my artwork. People have found me randomly from a blog post out there and started discussions about me! I've registered on three of the sites and participated in the discussions with great responses. All three are vinyl appreciation sites, but I haven't gotten much harsh criticism for using records. I'm really glad too, because that's the group of people whose reaction I worried about the most. I might've gotten a few commissions out of it as well! Forums as most are constructed now are great because:

1. Communications can either be public or private all in one place

2. They are moderated independently

3. New discussions on new topics can be started by anybody

4. Links to individual replies are available

5. It's easy to see the more popular and current topics

6. The audience is a specific group

7. Readers are more likely to contribute because they're generally registered

8. Even though the forum site has a specific audience, that audience can discuss random topics

9. It feels like a safe community of members with shared interests

10. They are usually quite user friendly

So hopefully this year I'll get enough of an audience to create one. I'd enjoy learning how in any event. Right now I've got to get to framing and boxing. I think I have to mow the lawn too, :)

The PayPal buttons work great, so if you're interested in seeing who I currently have for sale:


You never know, ones with limited album availability might show up!

SOLD - John Lee Hooker 01/30/08


Fab Grandma said...

1. love your blog and 2. LOVE your art.
3. I saw your comment on Write To Done, about getting people to read more of your archives. I don't know how others do it, but what I do sometimes is to include a link to a specific past post in what I am currently writing. If someone wants to go back to read the article, it makes it very easy for them to do.

4. Yes, it is really ok to put links to other blogs, other posts, other websites in posts you are writing. I do it often, because it sometimes brings readers to my blog from the other one.
5. make comments on other blogs, because people follow links from comments to read what else a good commenter has to say. At least I do. 6. I am forwarding the link to your blog to my daughter who is also an artist. I'll be back.

d.edlen said...

Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it.

3. I've put a couple links in newer posts to older posts, and that actually has worked. So I will do that when appropriate.

4. I'll put together a "roll" of blog links to me. I guess I've gone this far in self-promotion, I might as well show how it's paid off!

5. That definitely works. I've connected with some great people that way.

6. Thank you! Ask me any questions as I'm pretty dang open.