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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Moichandising! Moichandising! Moichandising!

Billie Holiday - (i) inspired by photo by Bob WilloughbyAfter being reminded of the idea of merchandising on one of those forums I was talking about yesterday, I also remembered I was going to file for a federal trademark for my logo. Way back in the beginning when I was getting my legal ducks in a row, I did successfully register the name and mark with the State of Arizona. Wasn't actually that difficult a process. It also was relatively cheap. The federal process is a bit more technical and $275 per "class" of trade or service involved. I now have the historical usage of the mark and I have the money to do it. So do it I did! Not as nerveracking as filing for a patent, I imagine, but, not being a lawyer, I hope I don't end up going to jail for something in the process. ;) I'm glad I have more funds available to do this because, once done, for example, I'll then be able to have stickers made for which I've had the design ready for awhile. I'd love to be able to give a couple to you with a purchase.

Oh, they should be free, you say? :)

Well, they might end up as freebies for entering my contest when I do it. You can think of other things you'd want like t-shirts and mousepads too. I'll get a list going of things on which to slap my logo, and maybe a silkscreened image of a painting. But speaking of my contest, you've gotta help me before I can start it. I might end up learning how to create and run the contests by trial and error, but since it's for you, help me make it what you want! I know this isn't a fascinating post, but you out there running businesses for yourself or others know about these practical matters that might just make your business grow. I'm not saying you sweat the small stuff, but it's small stuff that can make big differences. You know what I mean.

Hoo, I need to paint! Gotta plan these profound blog entries more, ;). I hope you'll:


and my new YouTube channel widget over there to your right. Peace.

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