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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Commission Of The Year - Run DMC!

Run DMCI remember seeing "Walk This Way" on MTV with Run DMC and Aerosmith. Broke down all sorts of commercial and pop cultural barriers. I just thought it was cool at the time. So a friend of ours is getting this for her husband who is about the same age as me. Came out pretty cool. I just used the image from the back of the album cover. Sort of reminds me of the portrait that Rob and Big got done with Meaty. Do work! New episode tonight!

So, I had my first sale last week and now my first commission is out of the way. Who's next? I've got my records all alphabetized and ready to go: Janis, Jimi, Sammy and Sinatra. Try and stump me! Well, that won't be too hard, but I've got more than I knew anyway. And I can always find what you want. Got "Raising Hell" in a week's time through eBay. For other examples of who I've painted,


and scroll through the Online Gallery page. What do you think of the last one?

SOLD - Run DMC 01/15/08

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