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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Two For Tuesday

Rockzone Records hung the ones I gave them! They look great. I'll take my camera next time I'm down there and get a shot of'em. I'm sending 3 to Wild About Music today and the ones for Primitive Kool are almost ready to go too.

Yesterday, I tried to contact the radio stations I listened to growing up to see if they'd be interested in my work. We'll see. They did play an important role in what pop music I listened to during my teens. I found out about classic rock groups from KLSX, heavy metal masters from KNAC, and all those great alternative bands from Pirate Radio. All of those are different now, but KLOS, KCBS, and KROQ are still there. Grunge certainly wouldn't have influenced me as much if it hadn't been for radio and MTV. I'm looking for a Nirvana record right now to do for Primitive Kool, but they're hard to come by for sure. Ozzy's available through PayPal in my online gallery, so if you're interested:


and scroll through the jukebox.

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