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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Godfather - Vinyl Killers

James Brown - (i) inspired by photo by David Redfern This James Brown is for a show in Portland called Vinyl Killers -

The sheen is from the acrylic clear coat I sprayed on liberally. Made my garage smell lovely, but it'll protect the painting without needing a frame. I've thought of using resin, but this was much easier, other than a slight ventilation problem. The effect is kinda cool, almost glossy with the grooves smoothed over. Most of the submissions are spray paint, but Klutch said mine'd fit in. We'll see. The show is at a place called The Goodfoot, which I didn't know when I choose The Godfather to paint, so a cool connection there.

I can't go to the show because we're going to San Diego that weekend to see my 16 pieces at Primitive Kool. You can see those in previous posts or when you:


and help me get the buzz going!

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