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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Man In Black On His Ring Of Fire

Check me out on YouTube!Dylan worked out alright, 40 some odd views so far. So here's Johnny!

Let me know what you think and if you like it, share the link from YouTube!

Heading out to SoCal on Saturday, but I'm tryin' to get two more done that they already sold. Anybody got a Hendrix record they don't want? Hehe, yea. So you can still see the ones for the show in San Diego if you:


and help me blow away the smoke and ash!


Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as free art or artistic products! Every artist has invested time, energy, idea concepts, and funds for supplies and equip. All of this has an economic value. Start selling your work for more, and mark it up double so that you can get what you actually want or need when they offer you a half price purchase! Also, keep up this site, it is interesting and helps promote art and other endeavers. Thank you. Thee Art Gallery at by Monty Ousley Weddell

d.edlen said...

Thank you so much for the comment! I'm happy when another artist thinks I'm contributing to the art community.

While it is true I've invested my time, energy, and money in my work and thus it does technically have an economic value and from a business standpoint the usual advice would be to calculate that and determine a desired monetary return, I don't view art that way entirely. My return, the value I receive from my art is also significantly impacted by intangibles. Your response, for example, means quite a bit to me. There is value in social connections. Relationships and communication are what life is largely about for me, money is merely a means to that end. If I can reach that end without money always involved, then what does it matter? You get what you put out, and giving feels great. When Herbertos received that painting I had done specifically for him, he was so grateful! Now, that might lead to someone seeing my work in Seattle, going to my website, and commissioning one as a gift for a friend, but I get more genuine satisfaction about connecting with passionate people. I've connected with you now! I'll keep checking your site until you've got some content and a relationship will be established, no money involved. But value is definitely there. So thanks for creating value!