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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Remix That Is Kat Stacks

Long ago, Prince Campbell had a blog. Then he didn't. Then he did again. He's like that. He shocks, and makes you think. Unpredictable.

Just like his punchlines.


I want to first thank Daniel for the chance to write something for his cool and diverse audience.

So what could I write about that would be interesting and informative?

I know.

Kat Stacks

Now you probably never heard of Kat Stacks.

No matter.

Everyone hates her.

Which is kind of a shame seeing that she is following a long tradition of a certain type of female music fan. I mean, not a fan like you who just loves music, but more of the type of fan that loves the musician enough to suck his dick.

Pamela Des Barres was the first groupie to actually become famous without actually putting out any music.

She wrote a book about her sexual exploits with famous musicians. A very popular book that HBO (years after its publication) is trying to make into a television series.

Kat Stacks' website

The difference between Pamela and Kat Stacks is that Kat has a blog, a bunch of YouTube videos, and a twitterfeed.

I'm sure her book deal is coming.

Now I could use the space from Daniel (and the time you've given me) to tell you how offensive Kat Stacks is.

Join the chorus of people who spend time putting her down, talking about her dangerous lifestyle, and how she's such a bad example to her son.

But I won't.

Cuz one day I might start a band.





Brian said...

Vintage Chartreuse. Ah, the good ol' days.

Anonymous said...

Kat Stacks?
The more things change the more they stay the same. A very funny post and a good example of the fact you can never know everything that's going on.

I gotta tell my wife about this girl, or maybe not! :)