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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Bob Dylan - (i) inspired by photo by Daniel KramerHere's another beautiful post from Zane Ewton. Having just watched "I'm Not There", this captures Dylan perfectly. Better than the movie I think.


In a famous 1965 press conference, a young man asked Bob Dylan about the significance of a t-shirt he wore on an album cover. The young man was visibly dismayed to learn the t-shirt was just a t-shirt.

This is the same press conference where Dylan joked about using a song to sell ladies undergarments – about 40 years before his starring role in a Victoria’s Secret commercial.

As remarkable as Bob Dylan’s music is, it has never been enough for his most ardent fans. Every inch of his being must be embroiled in some deeper significance – even his t-shirt.

The folkies described him as a prophet. At least until he went electric. His early monumental works gave him free rein to do whatever he wanted for the next 30 years – whether it was good or not.

Dylan lives outside the realm of popular music culture. Due in part to his musical output as well as his iconoclastic image. It would be unfair to lump him in with rock stars. He isn’t a rock star; he is an artist. More in tune with the creative impulses of Picasso than top 40 radio. Yet he is ingrained into music at a level few people can claim. It’s impossible to pin down Bob Dylan.

Everything about Bob Dylan means something. Nothing about Bob Dylan means anything. It’s all in how you, the listener, take it.




Jeff said...

Dylan is easily one of my favorite artists, but I don't believe half of what he says in interviews. I think he gets a real joy out of toying with the media and his fans. Everything he says outside of his music is mostly nonsense. I'll just let his music do the talking, because it speaks volumes.

Zane said...

I love that you can't believe a word he says. What an excellent way to deal with the media as an artist. He's nto a politician, not on trial for anything. He gets total control of his image.