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Monday, May 3, 2010

Do Not Create Anything

It will never change.

So said Bob Dylan. This line, which I just heard watching "I'm Not There", reminded me of why I care about music so much. And why I love vinyl.

Music always is new. Every time a record is played, it is the only time it will sound that way.

The Dead Weather highlighted this by premiering their new album live online, playing it on vinyl repeatedly for 24 hours, showing the record playing. It would click as it reached the inner groove, and they would have to place the needle somewhat near the beginning of each side, each time.

Music is brought to life when it is played, each time. A concert performance, a music video, a cover version, a movie soundtrack, on through to a tween listening to an iTunes download on her iPod.

And vinyl is alive as well as an artefact of that music. The grooves of a record change ever so slightly with each passing through of a needle, and playback is always unique.

Such is every moment in life.


1 comment:

kyra said...

I just watched that film a couple months ago. Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan just knocked me out; she had the mannerisms & voice perfected!
I like how you explained music always being new - & I agree completely.
& y'know, ever since I found your blog a few months ago, I feel like I'm redisovering music again.
So thank you, just for being awesome :)