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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Better Half, Musically

Dave Matthews
"I didn't just marry a beautiful woman, I married a record collection." - anti_tomwaits

Me too. My wife's taste in music has had a HUGE impact on what I listen to regularly now. All the modern British bands, the Black Crowes, The Jayhawks, Dave Matthews, Kings of Leon, The White Stripes, and honestly, The Rolling Stones are new to me since meeting and marrying my wife. I wouldn't have gone to any of the concerts we've gone to as well, meaning I wouldn't have done a lot of the travelling we've done.

This isn't to say I don't listen to what I used to as well, it's just that what I care about in music has changed. Words. Emotions. They matter as much or more than the artistry of the music now. Before I listened largely to ambient techno instrumentals and prog rock. Now lyrics matter. Voice matters for how it moves me. Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, you know.

I'm just so dang lucky. And now we're going to have a baby! And the John Lennon nursery, totally her idea.


SOLD - Dave Matthews 11/19/09


CoverArts said...

Another great likeness, this one is fantastic! Cheers :-)

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