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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Forecasted Shower

Peter Gabriel - (i) inspired by photo by Trevor Key
Nicole bought us some seriously cute, soft stuff for Abbey through my baby barter deal. And she wanted Peter Gabriel. Very cool.

Speaking of Abbey Grace, my wife's baby shower is coming up this Saturday. We're so excited because of the guest list. Far flung family are flying in, all spending at least one evening with us. Those that are also staying the night are planning a second round, late night party too! I get to be here for that part.

It'll be so fun to get to show off our nursery. We'd bought a whole bunch of the Carter's John Lennon Collection when it was available. Clothes, basinet, blankets, bouncer, playard, crib sheets, frames, bookends, stuffed animals - my wife stashed it away. Then once we were pregnant, we color matched the main colors and I painted the nursery. The sun is on the ceiling circling the ceiling fan with the ceiling and walls a soft sky blue. I painted John Lennon animals and flowers around on the grassy hills, with birds perched above the door and closet. Here's a shot of the crib and some of the painting taken from the rocking chair:

John Lennon inspired nursery There are more shots in the baby barter deal post. Once Abbey's born, I can tell I'm not going to want to leave her room.


SOLD - Peter Gabriel 11/10/09

1 comment:

classicrockforthesoul said...

Wow -- great job on the nursery!!
I bet you're anxiously awaitng her arrival so that you can have an excuse to spend time in that room!