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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Voices You Love Or Hate

BeckI am extremely picky about voice. Back as a teen, the singer was always a deal breaker for me. That's why I listened more to groups that harmonized, like CSNY or The Beatles or Jefferson Airplane. There were those like Peter Gabriel or Midnight Oil or The The who were decidedly unique that I loved. Then there were those that I hated. I never could get into Rush simply because of Geddy's voice.

So here are a few that I've found people either go crazy over or can't stand, starting with Beck. For me, it works. His voice compliments his musical style, lo fi. His voice is lo fi. I love it as an additional instrument in his wacky arsenal.

Thom YorkeNext is Thom Yorke of Radiohead. I've never been a huge fan. And, yes, you could say I hate his voice. Sorry. I've grown to respect it, and the band's music is innovative and intellectually intriguing, but I usually pass on listening.

Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth has a far more captivating voice than Hetfield from Metallica, I think. When he gets all weird and metallic sounding, I love it. It works so well with their music. Kind of like Axl when Guns 'n' Roses first hit it big.

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis of Korn. God awful, to be honest. His voice works because their music is god awful. But it works. So again, I hate his voice but do respect it.

Iggy PopIggy Pop has one of those weird voices, like Lou Reed. Just weird. I love Reed's because his music is so powerful, raw. Iggy's I frankly have never gotten into, and as of now at least, I have to say I can't stand his voice.

Kate Bush

I am extremely grateful to Gilmour and Gabriel for both supporting Kate Bush early on. I love their voices for sure, though you can be luke-warm about them. With Bush, you can't. Again it's how it works into her music that makes me love her voice, soft and grating at the same moment somehow.

These are just a few. Ones I've done paintings of I love. My paintings can be like voices, some I either love or never want to see again, but some are just so-so.

What singers would you add to my short list and do you love them or hate them?



Ryan said...

I can't stand Brandon Boyd of Incubus. Doesn't matter the album or the song, it just doesn't do anything for me. Except pressing skip to go to the next song...

Zane said...

Ooh, gotta add my two cents!

Beck is one in a long line of guys who makes his weaknesses work for him.

I find Mustaine hard to listen to for longer than a song or two, yet I love Axl. I don't think Hetfield has ever sounded better than he did on the last Metallica record, which is something after how bad his vocals were on St. Anger.

I really liked Korn in my angry young white boy phase in high school. They are boring to me now. I always thought Jonathan Davis could potentially do something really great as a vocalist, but he just kept offering up the same thing with each album.

Iggy is Iggy. What can you say?

Just to throw out a random thought - I love Rod Stewart's voice, but I can't stand any of his songs. Great singer, crap songs.

d.edlen said...

@ryanbarton - Yeah, good one!

@lloydzeffler - Rod Stewart's a good one, but have you heard Kelly Jones of Stereophonics sing 'Handbags And Gladrags' and 'First Time Ever I Saw Your Face'?

Jeff said...

I hate the whole Emo whiny voice. Quite honestly that is the epitome of the worst in my opinion.

Since I just bought some King Crimson vinyls, I love Greg Lake's voice, but I can stand Adrian Belew's voice.