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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Truth N' Time

Al Green

Calling myself an artist was a big step. It was back in my mid-twenties when I kind of awoke to my Life.

For someone who'd tried to be invisible as much as possible, becoming an artist was a big swing in the other direction. But then I'm prone to big swings. Fortunately, this one's paid off in many ways. I feel so so SO lucky to be doing what I'm doing. I wish all artists could have the good fortune and feelings about being an artist as I do now.

It didn't happen overnight though, by any means. I'd done art since I was little, both in school and as an extra-curricular activity. And the teachers I had were encouraging, not critical as many experience. Or I was oblivious to their criticisms. In any event, I built my own internal foundation that in the last few months has ended up giving me my self-confidence.

I had a sculpture teacher who summed it up perfectly, and oftenly. He said that there will always be somebody better than you, and somebody worse than you. So why compare?

Pretty simple. Not easy, but simple. As an artist, it's my job to communicate my expression to you. It's an individual thing, completely subjective. Yes, accuracy is involved, but only as it applies. There are no absolutes in art.

So go make what you make or serve how you serve. Be an artist. And, yes, you can be an artist doing whatever it is that you do.


Al Green 07/14/09