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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm Left-Handed

Edgar Allan Poe - (i) inspired by photo by WS Hartshorn

That sounds like a confession. Must be how I'm reading it.

And I'm only mostly left-handed. I play sports right-handed. Do things that require oomph right-handed. But yes, I create left-handed. Well, mostly, again. I do use the computer mouse with my right hand.

I don't, however, cock the paper at that huge angle most lefties do in order to write. This used to tick off all my teachers as I would smear my writing. The long term effect of that response was that my writing shrunk. I would try to write without moving my whole hand, stretching and basically scribbling. Thank goodness for computers! By the time my handwriting turned into scrawled printing in college, I could type up anything that professors needed to be able to read. Oh how I hated in-class essay exams and blue book tests though. We recently got all of my coursework from nursery school through UCLA and it made me cringe to watch the devolution of my writing.

In what I do now, create portraits, the only impact is probably the layout of my table. Paint off to the left, tablelamp on my right. I suppose it subtly influences where I place images in my compositions.

In this case, somewhat planned and somewhat ironically, the line from "Ligeia" which is only slightly obscured by Poe's crazy hair is "huge masses of long and dishevelled hair, it was blacker than the raven". Kinda cool.


P.S. I'm goin' on break! Woohoo Summer! Anyway. We're doing some family stuff and I won't be painting or posting until next Wednesday. I'll be around to get emails and read comments, maybe reply, so don't hesitate.


Paul said...

Daniel, that portrait on the book is amazing! A great addition to the work on vinyl.

Have a great vacation, I'm giving the Charlie Parker to my friend on Mon. will let you know how it turns out..


Cathy said...

I think that portrait is great as well! I'm glad I found your blog at was doing a search and there you were. I have certainly bookmarked you. Keep up the good work...I'll be back..oh yeah, enjoy your summer break.