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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Looking Up, Or The Order Of Detail

Plant and Bonzo - (i) inspired by photos by Dick Barnatt
These're a couple of the cellphone shots I took while painting Robert Plant and John Bonham, rounding out the 4 from Led Zeppelin I started yesterday. Next I've got to get more clear coat to protect them, and then I get to glue them together! Should turn out pretty cool.

I'm also going to try another timelapse YouTube clip, basically a slideshow stitched together. Then you'll get to see these 2 completed. Should turn out pretty cool.

If you've been checking out my cellphone shots you'll have noticed that I usually start at the bottom, the neck or chin, and work up, finishing with the eyes. This is entirely arbitrary, habit. The only reason the eyes usually come last is because I have to use a smaller brush to do the details, the highlights. Saves washing out brushes more than necessary, maybe laziness. But I decided to try starting with the eyes for Plant, just to see what it'll look like in the video piece. Gotta experiment! Should turn out pretty cool.


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