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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Speed Painting

Sarah McLachlan - (i) inspired by photo by Kharen Hill
I got the record really fast for this commission. That's always nice.

And speaking of speed, I received an email today that made me realize how fast I actually get these done. This fellow does pointillistic portraits on "At-A-Glance" desktop calendars of various famous subjects using fine-tipped markers. I did several drawings in high school using a rapidograph pen. Insane. They took forever. This guy says he puts upwards of 300 hours into each piece! Wow.

Yesterday, doing the cell phone shots of my painting as I painted it, I showed you all that it takes 1-2 hours for me to paint a piece. I don't do it fast intentionally. That's just how it comes out. I'm also not saying this to show I'm better or worse, or my work is better or worse than anybody else's. Or that I take less care.

I actually don't really have a point. Sorry, my brain is a bit scattered this week.

Good thing I don't have to focus for too long on a painting!


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