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Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Just So... ughhh, Tedious

David Bowie - (i) inspired by photo by Mick Rock

So what do I do on a Monday morning when my brain is backfiring? I try, once again, to wrap my head around Fairey's legal wranglings with the AP. Yeesh.

It seems that in an inextricable series of mistrusting communications, the AP, as scared middleman, fucked things up. They're acting completely inconsistently and bullying both Garcia and Fairey. Garcia didn't even want to sue people over the situation, and didn't even know about the Fairey poster for quite awhile.

And that's my underlying issue and why I still don't get Fairey. He says he meant no disrepect for Garcia, justifying his position with the fact that Garcia is an Obama supporter too, and all Fairey wanted to do was help Obama's campaign. He even says he wouldn't've done anything differently on the off-chance he had a substantive impact on the campaign. Ego! Jeez. But Garcia didn't know about it! That's my point. Fairey knew, he knew enough to preemptively file to protect his fair use of the image before the AP filed any copyright claims against him. But he didn't clue Garcia in.

Garcia took the blasted photo!

I don't know, maybe it's touching on my own insecurities again of transformatively using the photographs of others to paint my portraits. Maybe it's the fact that the AP screwed things up communication-wise, between Fairey and Garcia. I don't know that I could determine the photographer for all the photos I've found on Google, the way Fairey found Garcia's photo. I really really tried after my last attempt to understand this issue. Now all the images for whom I found photographer credit have them listed as inspiration.

For instance, this image of David Bowie was taken by Mick Rock. He even has a David Bowie page on his site. The guy's a legend, having taken some AMAZING photos during the '70s, most of which would be perfect to use as inspiration for my portraits. I'm going to try to contact him. I'm not really expecting anything from the contact other than to hopefully just thank him.

I just don't want any middleman fucking up my communication with anybody relating to my Vinyl Art.


David Bowie 05/18/09

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