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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Live Painting

Joe Strummer
Well, that was frustrating. Yesterday afternoon, I painted this piece, trying again sending "live" cell phone photos to Twitpic. Either my phone or the cell network weren't cooperating because after 2 shots, the rest failed to send. I had to resend them. Oh well. They're there.

I'm trying this to let you in to my process more. I'd done those timelapse YouTube videos quite awhile ago which were cool, but a lot of work. This way you, ideally, get to see the painting develop just about as it happens, or at least get a sense of how it happens. I think it's neat, anyways.

My phone won't let me put a caption so that Twitpic will recognize it, so it comes out as a list of unidentified picture links on Twitter, but I think that's ok. The point is the pictures, being worth a thousand words, right?


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