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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Being In The Now, On The Way To Then

Bonnie Raitt

To all the artists out there, it's hard isn't it?

It's hard to discipline oneself to stick with it. Your own schedule, your own goals, your own temptations and distractions.

Mine's currently family. Not a bad thing at all. So it's even harder.

So, how do we balance short term pleasure with long term success? It's a rather good deep question that just came to me this very moment. And I thought I had nothing to say a minute ago.

I have a lot of eastern philosophy in my brain, the whole "being in the now" thing. This isn't a license to do whatever feels good, but it does lead me to go with the flow maybe a little too much. As a teenager, cross eastern philosophy with existentialism. Boy that was fun. But now I have responsibilities to myself and others, and to my art, and to you. So I might've swung too far the other way now, with an endpoint of workaholism. Hmm...

So do I go swimming with my neices? I did paint one already today...


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