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Monday, May 19, 2008

Inclusion: Circus Mexicus Rocked!

RCPMMy eyes are still a little blurry, bleary, whatever. Or is that the photo...

I tried to take a shot of the wristband, my new bottle opener keychain, and The Refreshment's early album, "Wheelie". That album was Jason's prize CD in his collection, having been on board with Roger Clyne when his group was just known locally here in Tempe. Now I know why he liked them so much, and why they've amassed such a strong fanbase.

Inclusion. Again, yes it's what it's about. My first time in Mexico and my first RCPM show, Circus Mexicus was seriously good. From "Mexico" to "Nada" it was amazing. Around 50 songs! Two mammoth sets. And does Clyne know how to interact with his tribe? Hell yes. From acknowledging those who've made it to all 16 concerts on the beach at Rocky Point to welcoming newcomers, he repeatedly thanked his people for coming together at his favorite thing. Making sure we were on board with the new album and playing requests for old obscure songs written on huge beach balls, he gave away what he wanted to receive. It's in his songs, after all.

They ROCKED! Damn good rock-n-roll. It's the one commercially successful rock band I've heard that sounds to me uniquely Arizonan. They put on a hell of a show too. His voice is wonderful; we couldn't believe he could sing for so long. Guitarist Steve Larson played some kick-ass solos too. We'd hoped that they would play Jason and my wife's favorite song, "Loco to Stay Sane", but they didn't. So'k.

So, revitalized, but at the same time saddened Jason couldn't be there but in spirit, I'm going to continue to reach out to those, like the RCPM fans, passionate about their music and their culture.

"Hello New Day", thank you, Jason.


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