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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do You Own A Piece Of Vinyl Art By Daniel Edlen?

The BeatlesThen I've got something for you! All I need is an address.

So if you've got one of my pieces, drop me a line. It doesn't matter how you got the piece: radio giveaway, direct purchase, or gallery find. I just want to reconnect, and give you a little thank you. You see, I truly appreciate the time and attention you've given to my work.

Speaking of that, if you'd like, tell me where you have the piece and any cool stories associated with it. You can even send me a picture of it in place. I'll share fun stories and photos here in a post as anonymously as you want.

I hope you'll share or at least let me personally send you my thanks.


SOLD - The Beatles 05/21/08

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