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Monday, July 16, 2012

How To Get Your Share

It's tough, this art marketing thing. My ultimate goal is to get to paint, to get to contribute what I can, to get to be of value to you and my family. To do that, I have to serve my art, like I talked about in my last post.

A major part of serving my art has become sharing it online in a myriad of ways. To make it a win-win, like the late Stephen Covey proposed, so I'm happy, the gallery site is happy and you're happy, I've discovered that I have to know what the sites and you want.

I think I understand what the sites want: my content. Perfect! I want them to have it. But along with that content comes the same responsibility to serve. Sites work best when I work them best, by sharing what I've shared through them, sending you to them so you see what you want there. Their hope is that you'll share what you want by sharing what they want.

Basically, I think Scott Belsky of Behance wants you to share my Vinyl Art by sharing because it shares my content in the best and easiest way it can. My job then is to use the site as best as I can, making the comment that the CEO left on my project most gratifying.

It is a wonderful site, on the whole and in detail. I'd encourage you to start with my project, the content of which should be somewhat familiar, and then see what else grabs you there.

To get your share.


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