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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Calling (Collect)ors

Once a month I send out an email newsletter with Vinyl Art updates that you can sign up for on this blog or at for free. has some old excerpts.

Some people automatically send such info to previous customers, potential collectors. I don't. I figure that if someone is interested in following me after buying a piece that they'll get to it somehow. I just publicly share when I'm sending it out.

I mean, when you call collect, who pays? Who really pays?


1 comment:

karen said...

Hi Daniel,
Glad you got to see your art on my blog. I also do some art of my own...collage, and am on Etsy (eh just okay there...slow sales)...Then found Behance but haven't gone much further than just searching some of the amazing art on that site to the point of feeling intimidation! Love your Lit(art)ure...I'm fairly new on my blog and don't have that big of a so.But hope you gained some looky-sees. I've also heard facebook was useful...but for right now I can't seem to break the barriers of crazy family that lurks there without any interest in what I actually create....
so enough babble :) ....just letting you know I'm impressed with your artwork.