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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Groovy Portraits Singles and Alternate Tracks

sneak peek of Groovy Portraits Vol.2 - Bob Dylan

Vol.2 is in the works! The "flipside" second volume will include music important in my life since meeting my wife. I think the portraits reflect that fact too. They're some of my best, for sure. I'll be releasing it in early September. If you want to know about it first and get it free, you can subscribe using the form on

In the meantime, I had an idea to share the content from my Groovy Portraits another way, with more info. Blog posts.

Some pieces kind of go together, like Lennon and Dylan. At least in my head. Because of the portrait. Because of the music. Singles with A and B sides.

With the number of pieces in each eBook volume limited, I have ones that I had to cut. Good pieces. Good music. Alternate tracks.

So be looking for these in the coming weeks!


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