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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Groovy Portraits: Single: Lennon (alt.take) & Dylan


John Lennon - (i)inspired by photo by Astrid Kirchherr
"Perhaps the most simultaneously guarded and unguarded of musicians, Lennon defines beautiful. Popishly exquisite and soulfully bare, the human creativity he put forth astounds."

YouTube - Love

Amazon - John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band


Bob Dylan - (i)inspired by photo by Jerry Schatzberg
"Great road trip music. Especially if you like deciphering scathing social commentary while driving."

YouTube - Tangled Up In Blue

Amazon - Bringing It All Back Home


I put Lennon and Dylan together in my head because they both spoke eloquently yet unintelligbly. Two halves to perhaps one coin. So I'm sharing an alternate take, an alternate portrait of Lennon from the one in Groovy Portraits Vol.1 to go with the Dylan that will be in Vol.2.

Both wrote such beautiful lyrics and sung such haunting melodies that perhaps could have only come from tortured spirits such as theirs. I also love how both played with their public image, played with the media that sought to pin them down. Not a Beatle and not a finger-pointing folk singer. No. Much more.

Please watch the YouTube videos and listen to at least the samples on Amazon. I also have more YouTube videos in my Groovy Portraits playlist,

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