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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taking Stock

Over the years, I've built an inventory of records, and some painted pieces. This past month or so has shown me how valuable preparation is in life.

My brother-in-law wanted all of the Eagles. I already had 4 copies of their greatest hits album. They're going to look so cool all together. I've painted Don Henley and Joe Walsh already.

My friend, Ryan Barton, wanted Topol from "Fiddler On The Roof" to give to his dad for Father's Day as his piece he won in the auction I talked about awhile back. I already had the soundtrack album. I've painted it and shipped it off.

A fellow in Norway wanted Tom Waits to give to his music teacher. I already had painted this piece. I've framed it and shipped it off.

I've said before, preparation prevents perspiration. Now that I'm a stay-at-home dad, efficiency is really important in all that I do, especially work. Having the stock of records and paintings that I do is helping me take care of what is most important in life. Family. Speaking of, she's waking up.


1 comment:

Ryan said...

For me, preparation also makes sure you're able to strike while the creativity is hot.

No more waiting around for pieces to fall into place. Being able to run with something is key for me.

As always -- great work -- really look forward to gifting it.