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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On The Wing

So I'm shooting for at least one blog post a week, instead of once a day. Clearly my priorities and time have shifted. Which is a challenge in the sense that I can't promote my business as I did. I'm having to figure out what will be more efficient and effective, and before doing it.

The way I promoted my art before was rather haphazard. I've got fun stories about specific commissions and projects, like the one about these 5 pieces going to a guy in New Jersey for his new place who emailed me not only knowing who he wanted, but sending me the images he wanted as well. Yet selling pieces was hardly predictable or consistent. I'm hoping it can be. It feels like new territory for art though. Artists typically don't look at their work as a business in the typical sense, I don't think. Maybe I'm wrong. So I don't quite know what I'm doing, basically. It's a little scary.

I mean I want to be able to support a wife, a daughter, and 4 dogs with Vinyl Art. But I don't want to go the traditional gallery representation route. Nor is my art traditional in the first place. I've felt that way a lot in my life, in no man's land a bit. Not as grandiose as charting new territory or anything. Just not normal. But then what's normal?

I can't just wing it anymore though. Fumbling is unacceptable now.

I need to fly. I'm learning how, on the wing.



Jona said...

I recently read a post over at the Fluent Self (warning: wonderful, interesting stuff, but very very wacky) that might be useful or thought provoking here. She's talking about filling the gap between the super close, high ticket, high involvement items (one-on-one coaching or commissioned artwork) and the broad and diffuse network of interest (blog, newsletter, etc). I don't know if it'll speak to you, but I thought I'd mention it.

Here's the post I'm thinking of:

d.edlen said...

So, like cheaper stuff in between free information and $225 for an unframed piece? Havi has some fun ideas and I've liked the way she writes over the year or so I've checked her blog occasionally. But short of something like posters or bumper stickers, I don't know what I could do in my case. Thanks though for reminding me of the lady and her duck!


Norm Geddis said...

Thinking about your blog post, I thought I'd share this quote from Richard Hayley Lever.

"Art is the re-creation of mood in line, form and color. If I were confined to my own back yard for the rest of my life, I'd still have more pictures in my mind than I would have time to paint. Art is nothing but having a good time."