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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Day After The Day After 10 Years Passed

I was still too stunned yesterday.

Today I'm still too wiped out.

Memory is a funny fickle thing for us humans, isn't it? Part of me loathes the reflection and part of me loathes the absence. I think the grove of trees around the pools at the WTC plaza is good for people like me. The right balance of prospect and refuge, architecturally and emotionally.

Ten years ago today I somehow managed to drive to the BAC where I was to help hang the annual art show. On autopilot I suppose. It was both trying and comforting to make eye contact with others there. Even the Airforce trained sniper looked exhausted.

We somehow managed to hang the show. I somehow managed to create this piece.

World Trade Center, 2002, stone and stone filings on base of wood and styrofoamSomehow we managed to get to 10 years after the day after.


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