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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Phoenix Rising

iri5 loves tearing things up.


Bob Marley in progress
Oscar Wilde
Also film reels, photographs and even baseballs.

Here's why.

I love finding new uses for old things - especially when you can resurrect the dead- like when you find something broken, something that's lain forgotten, covered in dust at the bottom of a junk drawer or in the corner of a damp basement - and make it a brand-new thing again. It's this process of renewal that I find most fascinating. That "ah-ha."

I never wanted to be an artist until I realized how powerfully art could affect people. I think its power lies in its ability to hijack your mood and enter your mind, at-a-glance, and make you think new things or at least feel something. And it's exciting when these breakthroughs happen, and they can happen anywhere, when you least expect it.

When an idea strikes you like lightning, you never forget the feeling. After that, creating the art becomes an act of autonomy. My proudest moments are when I can relate that "ah-ha" as clearly as possible.

And it's amazing to consider how something, broken into pieces, can somehow take on an additional meaning. I always strive to find unity in the division, hoping that the act of destruction is vindicated by the transcendent outcome.



Ken said...

The cassette tape Marley is one of my favorite pieces. Thanks foe sharing this, Daniel.

d.edlen said...

You're very welcome. It was cool to get to share her story.