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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Holidays!

Bob Marley - (i) inspired by photo by Roger SteffensSo here it is! Roger Steffens' own photo from the cover of "Soul Almighty", a collection on JAD Records. The gold of "Exodus" makes such a cool background. I hope it'll be good enough to go in the museum! I bought a piece of glass to use in the frame instead of the plex that comes with it, looks more professional that way. Doesn't scratch as easily as well.

Paul at Primitive Kool just sold the Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jim Morrison, but had to swap out one piece of plex. Shipping glass just scares me though. But, hey 2 more sold! I think he's doing a 20% off deal for the holidays. He has a few more of mine, listed at, and of course they are all available by commission! So read through my blog and then see more examples when you:


and have a safe and wonderful holiday! Peace.

GIFTED - Bob Marley 12/20/07

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