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Thursday, October 23, 2008

VA™ - Now I Can Merchandise Vinyl Art!

Vinyl Art stickers

Tada! As of today, the trademark on my logo should be official. I hope I get a cool certificate.

It didn't really take that long, and I only had to make one clarification and one check-up call to the examining attorney. The form was daunting, and I saved some money doing it all online and without the option to modify the filing. So that was a bit scary. I was worried that since I only had one shot, I'd waste like $200 if I didn't do it right. But everything seems hunky-dory!

I've had my 3x5 vinyl VA stickers for awhile. Some of you might've gotten one if you bought an unframed piece or commissioned one from me directly, or my mother-in-law gave you one. :) She likes being the proud mom. So now I can publicize their existence and say that you'll get one for free if you buy a piece.

The other sticker hiding behind the oval vinyl VA is a treat for a select few. They're on the sly, on the down-low. This one in particular is in trade for another artist's handpainted sticker. I do these with spray paint and white acrylic.

And beyond that, I'm not sure what I'll do yet. I was going to do a contest for T-shirt designs incorporating the logo, but I don't have the cash to have the shirts screened yet. Also, I'm going to eventually do some cool keychains out of metal, maybe for sale or gifts. But, anyway, it's fun to start thinking about how to get the logo known and connected with my art. I think it could be a strong brand image.

What do you think? An artist with a logo?



Jeff said...

Every artist needs a logo, i.e. Prince. Congrats, I really like the logo by the way.

Daniel Edlen said...

You just made my day, man! Thanks. Hey, want a sticker?

Bar L. said...

I proudly display my VA sticker on the lower right side of my back window. Only one other sticker adorns my car, it is the same shape as yours but inside it has the word "Springsteen"


Daniel Edlen said...

:) Sweet! Thanks! That's an honor to be included with Bruce.

Jeff said...

Sure, I'd love to have a sticker. Like Layla I would proudly place it on the back of my car.

Daniel Edlen said...

Awesome, Jeff! Email me your address and I'll send ya one!

Ryan said...

Not an artist with a logo; it's a brand with a logo. And that's fitting.